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By the way, have you received the desktop calendar GrammyJ sent?  She is soooo sweet.  I guess we could make her something.  A thank you page with a guestbook... I don't know.  Something to show her how grateful we are for the beauty and joy she puts in our mail box everyday. 

I would be more than happy to contribute a gift for GrammyJ ... she has been showering me with lovelies for over two months.  :-)

What a great Idea !! 

Thank you and your welcome...I love this lady to pieces!!!!

GrammyJ is so kind and sweet... she is always really
friendly and helpful.

This gal has made the day for a lot of us, especially me. I have sent thanks to her but it seemed so small. I'm so glad this is being done for her.

I just love her and she is my special friend.  She deserves all we can do for her.  I haven't been a member long but I know how much she does here.   I appreciate her friendship.
Lady Bobbii

I don't know how she does all this work and stay so friendly!! I still get a GORGEOUS gift from her DAILY and I have no idea how I ever got that lucky!

She certainly deserves this special thank you!!  She is one very special lady!!!!! We're all blessed to know her:-)

She is an angel from heaven.