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And that’s the end of the story.  Miss Lonely Heart now answers by the name of MRS. Happy Heart and is carrying another happy heart whom I’ll get to know in a few months.  

As for me, I have two owners (for the time being).  Soon I’ll have 2 or 3 more, and they love me very much since I was the one who introduced them to each other.


Ah, you want to know what happened to the mysterious GrammyJ?

She’s fine and still visits us everyday.  Another successful job, like many others she already did, and lots more she’ll still do.

Now you want to know who she is?  Well, I don’t know exactly, but have my suspicions.  The fact is that nobody knows, however there are lots of theories and legends about her.  There are even people that swear they saw hidden wings… maybe…  you never know when and how they will appear…

Oh, you would like to meet her… So sorry, it doesn’t depend on me.  She just appears… 

But if I were you, I would check my mailbox everyday.  Who knows?  She may appear any time…  

What are you waiting for??  Go check!  Hurry up!


Click here GrammyJ