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It was a normal boring day, just like any other.  Miss Lonely Heart was coming home, after another normal boring day at work, with her aching body, her tired mind and her usual lonely heart.  As I said:  a day just like any other.  

After dinner she had nothing else to do so she decided to go check her mail, something she hadn’t done for days.  In fact, she was just going to clean me up and set me free of all that stuff (that was something I liked!), as she knew that nothing interesting would be found.  That’s when suddenly a message called her attention.  It came from someone named “GrammyJ” whom she never heard of (me neither) and which subject was: “Good evening, my friend”.  Friend?  Nobody ever called her that!!

She wanted to open the message but it had an attachment.  What if it had a virus?  What if this GrammyJ was a hacker?

But… curiosity… you know.  Besides I was curious too and strangely hopeful about that message.

Miss Lonely Heart opened it and started reading.  It was a poem about friendship,  a beautiful poem.  The attachment was a very cute gift with bows and flowers that said: “Learn from yesterday, Live for today, Hope for tomorrow” 

And for the first time in my “life” I saw my always so sad owner smile…

From that day on, Miss Lonely Heart came home anxious to meet me and read the messages from GrammyJ that kept coming every single day. Those messages made Lonely (you’re allowed to call her this way) see that she wasn’t that lonely after all.  Would a complete lonely person be receiving friendship messages and gifts everyday?  She should be special in someway or even in many ways…  As a matter of fact she should start paying more attention to herself, after so many years of only worrying about her miserable fate and eternal loneliness.

Enough of that!  Let’s start a new life.  If she was loved and cared about by a friend, it was more than time to be loved and cared about by herself.